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In the previous post, I outlined five ways to make money online/offline doing moringa businesses…
      In this post, I will be dishing more ways. 
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  • Importation of Moringa Products Processing Machinery

More people are starting moringa processing business and need machinery such as capsule machines, tea machines, oil extracting machines, shellers, tamper proof machines, driers, etc. You can buy from or other sites and sell for huge profits if you know online importation. If you don’t know, learn! I read a book titled LEARN IT! DO IT! SELL IT! Chapter one says “You can learn everything!” and that is absolutely true…

I have personally been making money by helping people to import moringa processing machines. Honestly, importation business is good if you know your onions. And it is very simple and easier to do nowadays. For instance the other day I ordered three oil extracting machines for some clients and within a month they arrived. Guess what? I made good money from that deal and you too can!


This post is dedicated to the teeming population of unemployed African youth scattered across the continent: from Egypt to South Africa; Ethiopia to Nigeria. As a continent, we are so blessed with a lot of natural resources with great value in the international business world. Just look around you! It is either there is land lying fallow where you could plant the medicinal herbs such as turmeric, or the cancer plant, sour sop, or raise a quail farm at your backyard. Thank God for increase in knowledge in our times.

We can now leverage the internet for knowledge interchange now more than ever before in the history of the. This I know is in fulfilment of Scriptures in Daniel. So I would like to share with you today the following ways of making money with moringa business online and offline. This is not an exhaustive list anyways. And you have to work hard! It is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME I am itemizing!
  • Raising a Moringa nursery.
More and more people are setting up moringa farms across the globe today. You can start raising moringa seedlings to sell to them. It takes an average of 4-7 days for moringa seeds to germinate and another 2-3 months for your seedlings to be ready for transplanting. Moringa seedlings sell for an average of $2 per stand.

Therefore, if you have 1,000 seedlings and are able to sell all of them, you would have realized close to $1,000 in profits! But you have to be able to create awareness about your seedlings so people will get to know you have and patronize you. 


MORINGA OLEIFERA is been celebrated worldwide now for obvious reasons. As I sat behind the computer today researching, I saw other useful plants with their various uses and am like, Moringa oleifera has more! So here we go.  I am going to get you excited about the amazing uses of the greatest botanical ever discovered in the history of the world-our dear moringa oleifera.
Trust me, this is in no way an exhaustive list! There is more than I can write now...
  1. Moringa oleifera is known to act as an anti aging agent because of the presence of cytokinins with zeatin being the chiefest. For instance, there is antiaging night repair a wonderful anti aging product formulated from moringa oleifera. This is another moringa product with anti aging properties.
  2. Moringa trees are used as life fence in some parts of the world.
  3. Moringa products are used for weight management
  4. Moringa tree trunks produce gum which is used in calico printing.
  5. Moringa oil is used in wonderful beauty products such as soap
  6. Moringa oil is used in making exotic perfumes 
  7. The soft pulp from the moringa tree is highly suitable for making news print.
  8. The bark and gum of Moringa tree can be used in tanning hides
  9. The bark of the moringa tree can be beaten into a fibre for production of good quality ropes or mats.
  10. Moringa oil is used for making hair care products for damaged hair especially in women.


Hello Dearly Beloved!
Have you ever wanted to buy moringa seeds in  bulk and cannot because you did not see?
Do you sometimes wish you knew where to buy moringa seeds in bulk?
Maybe you even know where to go-far north where moringa grows in the wild... 
But the thought of traveling ends as soon as it starts in your head for OBVIOUS REASONS?
Truly, Moringa seeds are found in large quantities in many parts of the Nigeria and, like other  farm produce, they are cheaper up north.

How to get them down here can be challenging even if you knew tons of moringa seeds are found, say, in Borno State!

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